SENSES Infused Supper, Jun ’23

On June 17, we were thrilled to host the Nomadic Nights dinner with the extraordinary Chef Kwin Marion

Our latest SENSES infused dining event, part of our fun summer series at CAFE, was a remarkable success! On June 17, we were thrilled to host the Nomadic Nights dinner with the extraordinary Chef Kwin Marion. A culinary artist with experience in several Michelin starred restaurants globally, Chef Kwin is now a key member of The Nomad Cook’s cannabis culinary team. His expertise shone brightly at our June event, which was fully attended and an absolute delight.

Working with Chef Kwin on this SENSES dinner was a joy. His youth and immense talent, honed in Michelin star restaurants in Thailand and the U.S., and at various other fine dining establishments, have been pivotal in his growth. Now operating from Calgary, Chef Kwin’s passion for both food and cannabis beautifully intertwines in our North American infused dining events.

The dinner also showcased the skills of Chef Pat Newton, a celebrated Canadian chef known for his culinary prowess and passion for cannabis. A podcaster and food content creator, Chef Pat has contributed his expertise to several of our SENSES dinners, further enhancing the experience.

Our event kicked off at 5:30 pm on June 17 in downtown Toronto. Guests, arriving in pairs and groups, were greeted and seated, while Chef Kwin and his team finalized the evening’s culinary masterpieces. The CAFE team was also in full swing, crafting delightful mocktails – a new addition offering cannabis-infused drinks that perfectly paired with the chef’s creations.

The event was sponsored by Pineapple Express Meds, known for their full-spectrum gummies, chocolates, and vapes, and Wesley Tea, which provided the cold-brewed, cannabis-infused tea for our mocktails. These beverages were a hit, offering a refreshing complement to the meal.

Chef Kwin personally interacted with each guest, discussing cannabis tolerances to ensure a tailored and enjoyable dining experience. Understanding each guest’s preference was crucial, as cannabis edibles can have varied effects compared to smoking or vaping.

As the dishes and mocktails were served, the room buzzed with excitement. The vibrant plating and exquisite flavors captivated everyone, creating a warm and joyous atmosphere. The evening also featured a raffle, adding an extra layer of excitement for our guests.

In summary, the event was a resounding success. We are immensely grateful to Chef Kwin, his team, and our staff for their dedication and hard work. The experience was unforgettable, and we eagerly anticipate hosting more events like this in the future!


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