Chef Travis Petersen

Top Chef Canada

In 2021, we began our journey into the world of high-end infused dining alongside acclaimed Chef Travis Petersen, aka The Nomad Cook, for a series of elegant culinary events that featured multi-course meals infused with our premium cannabis. Chef Travis has been infusing his cooking with cannabis since 2018, and early on, he discovered that there was lots of interest in this niche of the culinary scene. Professionals in the food industry, including many well-known chefs from across the country, were showing up at his infused-cooking workshops to learn more about this fascinating new pairing. Over the last few years, Chef Travis has been touring North America with his wife and dog in an RV, hosting cannabis-infusion workshops and dinners in major cities. He reports that there is much anticipation around his events, and that they book up fast. He, and others in the industry, believe that since legalization, many more people have become interested in learning about the positive effects of cannabis. 

This year, Chef Travis aka The Nomad Cook, will continue to travel and wow diners with his high end infused-cooking experiences. We are happy to partner with him and his team of talented chefs once again, for an exciting lineup of SENSES Supper Series events that will delight our guests every time.

Series Showcase

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Next Event: January 21, 2023

Cannabis Cooking Lesson

11:00 am – 1:00 pm
$125 per ticket


7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
$150 per ticket

$50 cannabis-mocktails Add-on