Chef Antonin Mousseau-Rivard


Antonin Mousseau-Rivard

Chef Antonin Mousseau is one of Canada’s finest chefs, and owner of the famous Le Mousso restaurant in Montreal. He is known for his carefully worked, intricate dishes that make up a fantastic gastronomic experience for his guests. Le Mousso serves a tasting menu, allowing diners to be tantalized by unique dishes featuring exotic ingredients. He recently opened up a second restaurant right next door to Le Mousso, named Le Petit Mousso. The new restaurant offers a more casual dining experience, where guests can order a la carte and enjoy selections from the vast cocktail menu. 

Mousseau also happens to be a cannabis fan, and in recent years, has begun combining his love of marijuana with his extravagant cooking projects. He is involved with a Montreal-based start-up focused on delivering private, cannabis-infused dining experiences to guests in their own homes. While Mousseau himself is not a chef available for hire through this service – he works within the organization to guide, mentor and help train chefs in the art of cannabis-infused cooking. 

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We had the honour of working with Chef Antonin last November, at our winter SENSES dinner event. Check out some images from the night on our blog!

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