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Cannabis-infused fine dining is an exciting new concept, proudly kickstarted by CAFE as the first in Canada to present new experiences. Partnering with acclaimed Chef Travis Petersen, aka The Nomad Cook, the Senses Supper Series was born. A series of elegant culinary events that featured multi-course meals infused with our premium cannabis. The response from our fans and clients has been overwhelmingly positive!

Tickets sold out quickly, and guests were delighted by the infused dinner offering expertly prepared by The Nomad Cook and his team of top chefs. Each infused dinner party plating is precisely dosed based on the preferences of each guest, for the ultimate enjoyable experience.

For me, food is love, it's my artwork. It's how I express myself, like it's my second language. Serving people, being able to share the love and passion for what I do, and seeing people's expressions after trying the food I've made for them, that's what it's really all about

Erica Karbelnik


It’s not just about the food with cannabis in it, it’s about the whole experience- the food, the music, the vibe, the people you’re getting to meet… It’s about all of that

Travis Petersen

The Nomad Cook

We’re at an age where cannabis is in the kitchen next to rosemary and sage. The fact that we have the ability to turn any food into a cannabis edible is remarkable

Patrick Newton


Next Event: January 21, 2023

Cannabis Cooking Lesson

11:00 am – 1:00 pm
$125 per ticket


7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
$150 per ticket

$50 cannabis-mocktails Add-on